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Back In The Saddle with Kiwi and Twomey

June 24th, 2012

Back In The Saddle with Kiwi and Twomey

The hospital where I had my total knee replacement at the end of Feb. somehow decided I'd been the "ideal" patient. Clearly, they did not talk to my (Dear Husband) Rick or my PT Jana. So here are the results of a two hour photo shoot and 1/2 hour airbrushed makeup session. And the beautiful girl in the photo with the kind eyes and perked ears? Kiwi, now known as Kiwi-dashian. It IS great to be back.

Note that I ride Ms. Kiwi in the sport of Dressage (United States Dressage Federation/USDF), which Steven Colbert has officially declared "The Sport of the Summer." I am not a rich or fancy person like Ann or Mitt Romney; I'm in the 99%* that love horses and riding, and put horses among the top of my priorities. I try my best to ride in correct biomechanical form, for the good of the horse.

*note the Virginia-clay colored Ariat boots, and though you can't see them, while cleaning them for this shoot, I found two holes in my chaps! Just went and got a new (washable - cool!) pair at Dover Saddlery!

Catherine Twomey, The Arts

May 27th, 2012

Catherine Twomey, The Arts

Learning how to create art is tough. It's made tougher still by the rather large number of people who can create art but not teach it well. As a life long fine artist and Board Certified Medical Illustrator, I've had more than my share of a wide range of teaching methods, some good, some not so.

I've learned how to create art as well as how NOT to teach it. With this blog, among other things, I'm going to try to teach art as I do it, with the thought processes and decisions intact. The goal is to watch you learn and grow as you follow your own artistic journey and become the artist you were meant to be.

Bragging rights, but I've won lots of national and international awards for my artwork. Oh, and I also have a Master's Degree in Art Education and I love to teach.

I'm also a published author which means I have no excuse for bad writing or editing. Mea culpa. I'm not nearly as good a writer as my brother Steve, who won a Pulitzer Prize and has some books in the works. I do, however, try.

What I really want to do is teach and paint, hence, this blog. I'd like to bring my unique approach to teaching about art and painting. I want to share the processes, tools and mostly, the decisions the artist makes as a vision is brought to life.

I'm available to answer any questions you have about my process or anything else art related. Your input is greatly welcomed and important.

For details, please follow this link to my website:

And thanks for your attention.